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#1 29.06.18 13:39 joejonsme

I recently bought a new bedroom set, from Stickley (upstate NY). Mission Oak, solid hardwood, old school cool. If you like the style the quality is very good. I also bought a few pieces from a manufacturer called Theodore Alexander (Viet Nam) that I'd say is well constructed and of good quality. Finally, we found an company called King Hickory (NC) that makes excellent, reasonably-priced sofas; 8-way hand tied, with high-end cushions, etc.The other new furniture I've purchased in the past 5 years or so, similar price point as above, is not great quality. A sectional from Century, 2 Hancock and Moore chairs for the study, a couple bar stools, a Bernhardt bed, etc. Disappointing actually, and frustrating because the quality of the floor models we looked at seemed better (I suppose without some normal wear).Friends of ours redid their whole house. They considered replacing a lot of their furniture but gave up and decided to refinish the casegoods and reupholster the rest. They claim they are actually spent more money than if they bought new but believe strongly the quality is much better. I think their results are outstanding.Is inconsistency and generally lower quality the new normal for furniture?

Please help.

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